Best Dahle Paper Shredders

Dahle Shredders are manufactured in Germany and are considered a benchmark for quality and innovation for their vast range of distinguished products. From personal and professional to industrial shredders, Dahle’s product line has vast scope in multiple industries. The German-engineered shredders provide the most advanced performance and remarkable safety features for customers at a shallow price.

For years, Dahle Shredders have protected offices against unauthorized access to secure information. Whether it’s corporate offices, government agencies, or giant industries, Dahle has a shredder for every requirement. Dahle’s revolutionary shredder line includes Oil-Free Shredders, CleanTEC Shredders, Auto-Feed Shredders, and PowerTEC Industrial Shredders.

We have listed some of Dahle’s best paper shredders from multiple categories to find the best shredder for your requirement.

Dahle 50564 Oil-Free Department Shredder

Dahle 50564 Oil-Free Shredder is an ideal paper shredding machine for 5-10 users to dispose of unnecessary documents in large offices. The department shredder has a Level P-4 security and shreds up to 24 sheets of paper per pass into tiny cross cut particles. A 45-gallon bin container stores bulk quantities of shredded paper and plastic.

Dahle 50564 document shredder features Trident Grip Jam Prevention technology that produces three contact points in the feed to pull the paper and prevent jams evenly. In addition, an oil-free system eliminates the shredder’s need for continuous lubrication and ensures uninterrupted operations without machine wear.

A Smart Power System in Dahle 50564 Shredder facilitates smooth operations with minimum power consumption. Moreover, the shredder automatically turns off within 30 minutes of inactivity. So, if you are looking for a shredding machine with innovative technology, a great price point, and hassle-free shredding, Dahle 50564 is a perfect choice for your department.

Dahle 20394 Level P-7 High Security Shredder

Dahle 20394 High Security Paper Shredder is an NSA-approved shredder that meets the highest industry standards. The level P-7 extreme cross cut shredder, with a high NSA volume rating, is designed to dispose of classified documents in government and military offices. An Evenflow Automatic Oiler is integrated into the shredding machine for continuous blade lubrication and uninterrupted operations.

Dahle 20394 Shredder, with its 16-inch wide throat, tears through 11 sheets of paper per pass and stores up to 50 gallons of waste material in the removable bin container. The Trident Grip Jam Prevention Technology is combined with precision-milled cutting cylinders to pull the paper evenly into the feed and ensure jam-free shredding.

Dahle 20394 paper shredding machine is equipped with strength, power and the ability to handle all your data destruction needs.

Dahle 50464 Oil-Free Office Shredder

Dahle 50464 Cross Cut Shredder is designed with an Oil Free System to enhance shredder performance and prevent machine wear and tear. The Level P-4 cross cut shredder can power through paper, paper clips, staples, credit cards, and optical media and shreds up to 26 sheets of paper in a single cycle. The high-capacity 30-gallon bin container stores large quantities of shredded waste materials.

Dahle 50464 large office shredder, with its high cutting capacity and heavy-duty shredding, is ideal for 3-5 users in busy work environments. Trident Grip Jam Prevention technology ensures time-efficient jam-free shredding. With a smart control panel, the office shredder can automatically turn off during long periods of inactivity. In addition, a full bin indicator alarms the user when the shredder bin needs emptying.

If you are looking for a high-volume shredder for several users in a relatively larger workplace with bulk shredding needs, Dahle 50464 is an ideal choice for your workplace.


Shredders are considered heavy-duty machines that only allow paper recycling in homes and offices. But Dahle Shredders are cutting-edge machines with revolutionary technologies to add a modern touch to your contemporary workplace. Rather than just providing essential shredding functions, a Dahle Shredder, with its dust filtration system, oil-free shredding, and remarkable trident grip technology, makes shredding a breeze for you.


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