Dahle PaperSAFE® Shredders For Home & Office

Whether you're an office professional or looking for added security at home, Dahle PaperSAFE shredders are small enough to accommodate any workspace yet powerful enough to get the job done. These deskside shredders are oil-free, hassle-free, and easy to maintain. Securely destroy financial statements, tax information, or any other confidential documents that should not be seen by others.

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Save Time With Dahle ShredMATIC® Shredders

Dahle ShredMatic Series features auto feed shredder for a convenient way to shred stacks of paper quickly and easily. Just insert your documents in the tray and the Dahle ShredMATIC® will take care of the rest. These P-4 shredders are German engineered for reliability and feature oil-free operation, and integrated jam protection for guaranteed performance.

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Breathe Easier With Dahle CleanTEC® Shredders

DAHLE CleanTEC® shredders are the most technologically advanced shredders with an integrated dust filtration system. Traditional document shredders can create minute dust particles, impacting air quality. CleanTEC® Air Filtration captures up to 98% of harmful fine dust particles, creating a cleaner, healthier work environment.

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Industrial Shredding With Dahle PowerTEC® Shredders

Engineered for heavy-duty industrial shredding, Dahle PowerTEC shredders leverage robust German Engineering to tackle your toughest data destruction needs. They are ideal for bulk shredding and top-secret destruction of paper and optical media including hard drives, SSDs, cell phones, and optical media.

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Hassle-Free Performance With Dahle Oil-Free Shredders

Dahle's innovative Oil-Free design eliminates the need for additional lubrication and continuous maintenance, streamlining your shredding process. Unique design of the cutting cylinders uses 3-points of contact to pulls paper straight through to prevent jams and deliver powerful shredding – all without the need for oil.

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Automatic Oiling With Dahle EvenFlow Lubricator®

Featuring a built-in EvenFlow Lubricator, these shredders deliver a continuous stream of oil to the precision-milled cutting cylinders, reducing heat, friction, and wear. Experience peak performance and long-lasting operation, all without the hassle of manual maintenance.

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