Dahle North America Inc.: A Trusted Name in Shredding Solutions

Dahle North America Inc., a subsidiary of Novus Dahle GmbH of Lingen, Germany, is a trusted name around the globe for over 90 years. Dahle shredders sets a benchmark for quality and innovation, meeting the most strenuous industry standards.

A Legacy of Security and Innovation

Founded in 1930, by Wilhelm Dahle in Coburg, Germany, Dahle initially focused on crafting high-quality sharpening blades. Recognizing the growing need for document security in the 1980s, Dahle introduced the first line of commercial paper shredders, forever changing the landscape of office security. This wasn't just about creating a machine; it was about empowering businesses to protect their confidential information. Since then, Dahle shredders have become a benchmark for quality and innovation, providing secure shredding solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Driven by German Engineering

Driven by German Engineering, Dahle shredders have become synonymous with:

  • Unmatched Security: We offer a comprehensive range of paper shredders from personal to heavy-duty industrial models. Whether you require a standard straight cut or a NSA/EPL Listed high-security shredder, Dahle ensures your confidential documents are transformed into virtually unreadable particles.
  • Durability You Can Trust: Built with the finest materials and rigorous testing standards, Dahle shredders are designed to withstand the demands of everyday use. From personal desktops to high-volume office environments, these shredders offer lasting performance.
  • Innovation for a Sustainable Future: Dahle actively shapes the future of shredding with a focus on sustainability. With innovations like CleanTEC and Oil-Free shredder technology, it pushes boundaries to minimize environmental impact while delivering exceptional performance.
  • Efficiency Made Simple: At Dahle, user-friendliness is paramount. Our shredders boast intuitive controls, quiet operation, and features that maximize your productivity, such as automatic feed and jam prevention technology.

Your Trusted Partner for Dahle Shredders: Clary Business Machines

Clary Business Machines is a proud authorized reseller partner of Dahle North America Inc. We share Dahle's values of integrity and building strong relationships. As an authorized reseller, we offer the complete range of Dahle shredders, from personal desktops to heavy-duty departmental models. Our dedicated customer support team is here to provide exceptional service, ensuring you find the perfect Dahle shredder for your needs.

A Shredder for Every Need

Over the decades, Dahle has expanded its shredder range to cater to diverse business needs. Here's a glimpse into our comprehensive shredder lineup:

  • Personal Shredders: Compact and powerful, these deskside shredders are perfect for home offices or individuals who require secure disposal of sensitive documents.
  • Office Shredders: Designed for moderate to high use in small to mid-sized offices, these shredders strike a perfect balance between power and capacity.
  • Department Shredders: Built for centralized use in busy offices, department shredders offer high shredding capacity and convenient features to handle larger workloads.
  • Heavy-Duty & Industrial Shredders: Catering to the high-volume requirements of large offices and industries, these heavy-duty shredders deliver exceptional power and efficiency.
  • High-Security Shredders: Meeting the strictest security standards, these NSA-approved shredders are ideal for government agencies, financial institutions, and businesses handling highly confidential information.
  • Digital Media Shredders: In today's digital age, data security is paramount. Dahle's digital media shredders offer a comprehensive solution for destroying hard drives, CDs, DVDs, and other digital media alongside paper documents.

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