Dahle 20721 Shredder Oil - 12 Ounces Bottle

DahleSKU: 20721

Size: 6 Units
Sale price$68.00

Product Overview

  • Compatible with all Dahle Paper Shredders
  • Clean formulation reduces cutting cylinder friction
  • High cling value and low dust retention
  • Increases shredder lifespan
  • Optimizes shredder performance
  • Specially formulated to prevent residue buildup
  • Simple application process for easy maintenance
  • Ensures consistent shredder performance
  • Designed to cling to cylinders without build-up


Data Sheet: PDF File


Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.5 x 2.5 x 7 inch


Optimize Shredder Performance with Dahle 20721 Shredder Oil
Keep your Dahle Paper Shredder in top-notch condition with the Dahle 20721 Shredder Oil. This specialized oil is designed to reduce the friction of the cutting cylinders, ensuring smooth and consistent shredding performance every time.

Enhanced Shredder Lifespan
By using Dahle Shredder Oil, you are not only maintaining the performance of your shredder but also extending its lifespan. The high cling value of the oil prevents dust retention, keeping your shredder clean and functioning optimally for longer periods.

Effortless Maintenance
With these 12 ounce bottles, the maintenance of your paper shredder becomes a hassle-free task. The clean formulation of the oil eliminates the risk of residue build-up, ensuring that your shredder remains free from dust accumulation that could impede its operation.

Compatible with All Dahle Paper Shredders
Whether you have a Dahle papers hredder at home or in the office, the Dahle 20721 Shredder Oil is the perfect choice for lubricating your machine. Its compatibility with all Dahle shredders makes it a versatile and essential accessory for shredder maintenance.

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