Dahle PowerTEC 929 CB Output Conveyor

DahleSKU: 929 CB

Sale price$4,195.00

Product Overview

  • High-capacity output conveyor designed for Dahle PowerTEC 929IS Shredder
  • Extra large 21.5'' wide rubber conveyor belt efficiently removes shredder waste
  • Convenient 46" delivery height for easy placement above recycling bin or baler
  • Adjustable output speed with simple dial control
  • Robust steel construction with rolling casters for mobility
  • No additional power source required, plugs directly into the shredder
  • Compatible with Dahle PowerTEC 929 IS Shredder
  • Belt Width: 21.5 inches
  • Speed: 49 ft/min
  • Electrical Requirement: 220V, Single Phase


Data Sheet: PDF File


Compatible With Dahle PowerTEC 929 IS Shredder
Belt Width 21.5 inch
Dimensions (L x W x H) 83.25 x 30 x 46 inch
Weight 276 lb


Effortless Waste Management:
The Dahle PowerTEC 929 CB Output Conveyor is the ideal solution for efficiently managing shredded waste from the Dahle PowerTEC 929 IS Shredder. With its extra-large 21.5" wide rubber conveyor belt, this high-capacity output conveyor swiftly removes shredded materials, providing a seamless waste disposal process.

Convenient Waste Disposal:
Featuring a 46" delivery height, the PowerTEC 929 CB allows for easy placement above a recycling bin or baler. This convenient height ensures that the shredded waste is efficiently directed to the desired disposal location, streamlining the waste management process.

Adjustable Output Speed:
With the turn of a dial, users can easily adjust the output speed of the conveyor to suit their specific needs. Whether dealing with high volumes of shredded materials or requiring a slower output pace for precision disposal, the adjustable speed feature offers flexibility and control.

Durable Construction:
Crafted from robust steel and equipped with rolling casters, the Dahle PowerTEC 929 CB Output Conveyor is designed for long-lasting durability and easy maneuverability. Its sturdy construction ensures reliable performance, while the rolling casters allow for effortless placement and mobility.

Seamless Integration:
The PowerTEC 929 CB seamlessly integrates with the Dahle PowerTEC 929 IS Shredder, requiring no additional power source for operation. This plug-and-play functionality simplifies setup and ensures a hassle-free user experience, making waste management a breeze.

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