Dahle PowerTEC 919 CB Output Conveyor

DahleSKU: 919 CB

Sale price$3,995.00

Product Overview

  • 16" wide rubber conveyor belt rapidly removes shredded waste
  • Provides unlimited waste volume to PowerTEC® 919 IS
  • 50" delivery height for easy placement above a recycling bin or baler
  • Adjustable output speed with the turn of a dial
  • Plugs directly into PowerTEC® 919 IS- No additional power needed
  • Steel construction with rolling casters for easy placement


Data Sheet: PDF File


Compatible With Dahle PowerTEC 919 IS Shredder
Belt Width 16 inch
Dimensions (L x W x H) 92.25 x 25.75 x 50.5 inch
Weight 276 lb


Effortless Waste Management:
The Dahle PowerTEC 919 CB Output Conveyor is designed to seamlessly work with the Dahle PowerTEC 919 IS Shredder, providing a high-capacity solution for efficiently managing shredded waste. With its 16" wide rubber conveyor belt, this output conveyor swiftly removes the shredded materials, allowing for continuous shredding without the hassle of manual waste disposal.

Convenient Placement:
Equipped with a 50" delivery height, the 919 CB Output Conveyor offers easy placement above a recycling bin or baler. This height ensures that the shredded waste is directly deposited into the designated container, eliminating the need for additional handling and streamlining the waste management process.

Flexible Speed Control:
The adjustable output speed of the conveyor, controlled by a simple dial, allows users to customize the disposal process according to their needs. Whether you require a rapid flow of shredded materials or a slower pace for careful disposal, the PowerTEC 919 provides the flexibility to adjust the speed as required.

Durable and Mobile Design:
Crafted from robust steel and featuring rolling casters, this output conveyor not only ensures durability and stability but also offers mobility for easy placement in different work environments. The sturdy construction guarantees long-term performance, making it a reliable companion for your shredding operations.

Seamless Integration:
With the ability to plug directly into the PowerTEC 919 IS Shredder, the Output Conveyor eliminates the need for additional power sources. This seamless integration simplifies the setup process and ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to focus on your shredding tasks without any interruptions.

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